Our Mission

The GMN has been created with a singular mission: to connect people, to connect businesses, and to create a community across borders, sharing a common identity.

Our network is continuously focused with steadfast determination to provide a single platform, which serves to promote global connectivity and interaction for the Muslim Community.

We at GMN believe in the power of scale and connectivity to ensure we can tap on the global and vibrant diaspora of the Muslim Community, and work together to build a strong network targeting our mutual interests and combining our highly potential, yet untapped resources.

GMN is not about exclusivity—in fact, it is only about being an inclusive platform which transcends borders and languages, and based on the principle that entities are more comfortable in interacting, connecting and expanding their businesses with other entities of their own community. Keeping this view in mind GMN is certain to be of great value among members.

We welcome you! Whether you are a consumer, a growing business, an established business or someone who wants to help grow a global community that extends opportunities to other Muslims—to join GMN, and be part of a very special project which has unlimited business and social potential. We at GMN hope you will partner with us on this mission! Contact us today for more details and let’s partner.

About Us

GMN has been formed on a core objective to connect businesses to people, people to businesses and people to people. Our network is always focused and determined to provide a platform that serves to promote Muslim community interaction.