About Us

These days the internet has become a powerful tool for people to connect with the world and to find common ground among people. The internet is making advancement in every walk of life and making it easier to perform different activities that may be difficult to perform in the past. When it comes to the Islamic World more unity is required so as to create strength and feelings of brotherhood among our fellow Muslims. These ties can be strengthened by Islamic Events and conferences, however great promotion is required for these activities and the internet can play a vital role in doing so.

Islamic Events and activities are social gathering and they are a place where people can come together to find common cause. People can make new bonds and strengthen old ones to work together as one. GMN Events is a platform that gives people a chance to connect for the cause of all Muslims communities from all over the world to unite as one. It gives Muslims the power to create, share and view events all over the world so they can easily join their brethren in their common causes. Our platform surpasses all boundaries and gives Muslims across the world the power to share.

GMN Events is your one stop shop for all social activities and events in the Muslim world. No matter where you are and where you need to be, you will get information on all upcoming Islamic events. Our site has complete information on conferences, courses or any other kind of Islamic event and gathering that may grab you attention. The best thing about us is that you can find it all in one place.

Our easy to use interface and navigation will help you discover the Islamic Event that you seek with great ease. You can browse our events and activities to find interesting events by searching categories, location, date and different organizers. You can also collect those events and save them to you own list by following them. The events that you choose to follow will be shown to you on your main homepage.

You can also post you own events by signing up and promote all your events with ease. Our site gives you ease to share your event and event discoveries with all the important people in your life. You can share them on popular social networking sites like Facebook and even send them via email. This provides you with the best way to promote and share your event.

“We believe that Muslims have incredible values to share with the rest of the world and GMN EVENTS is a manifestation of the impact that Muslims can have when they rally together for good.”